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Omnipack PRO HPM350 Multi-Purpose Packaging Machine

Omnipack PRO RF1000 Packaging Machine

Omnipack PRO RJ40II or RJ150II Packaging Machine

Omnipack PRO RK800 Packaging Machine


Samples of Applications:

Omnipack PRO
Automatic Packaging Machines

If you think a high-quality commercial-grade packaging machine is something you can't afford, think again.
At Red Dot International, we've made them much more affordable than ever before.

We sell high-quality industrial-grade packaging machines at prices you can afford.

These packaging machines are suitable for packaging various products automatically, quickly, and professionally.

These machines do not come with weighers.

Weight errors:
100g: Approximately 1%
100g - 1,000g: Approximately 1%
Over 1,000g: Approximately 1%

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