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Omnipack PRO HPM350 Multi-Purpose Packaging Machine

Samples of Packaging:

Video of Machine in Operation (12MB):
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Omnipack PRO HPM350
Multi-Purpose Automatic Packaging Machine

RRP: Over $50,000

High-Quality Industrial-Grade Multi-Purpose Automatic Packaging Machine that is suitable for packaging variety of products quickly and professionally.

Machine is suitable for packaging food products (Such as spaghetti, pasta, biscuits, lollies, fruits, veggies, and a lot more), and non-food products (Such as screws, batteries, keys, nails, and a lot more).

If you are looking for a packaging machine that is able to pack variety of products with 3 side sealings (Left, right, and middle back) quickly and professionally, this machine may be for you.

Commercial-Grade Packaging Machine
Twin Panasonic Motors and Controllers
Installed with Quality Parts from Panasonic, Weidmuller, Omron, Schneider, etc.
Equipped with Self-Diagnosis Fault System
Precision 3-Side Sealing (Left, Right, and Middle Back) and Cutting
Machine is able to Cut and Seal Various Sizes of Bag
Machine is able to Stop at any Position without Wasting any Packaging Film
Fast Operation
Simple Driving System (Results in Easy Maintenance)
LCD Display
Stainless-Steel Body
CE Certified Machine
Easy To Operate, Maintain, and Troubleshoot
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