These machines are easy to setup and operate.
Any of these machines will arrive at your premises fully assembled. Help is always available from us for the life of the machines.

Yes, these machines are also capable of filling a wide range of product, including paste, gel, paint, and a lot more.

Yes, each machine is capable of automatically lowering and raise its filling head to minimise splashes and bubbles.

Depending on the product to fill, the filling rate is approximately between 16 and 20 bottles per minute (or between 960 and 1,200 per hour).
The fill rate for a 6 head machine is approximately between 24 and 30 bottles per minute (or between 1,440 and 1,800 per hour).

Yes, the filling heads of these machines can be upgraded to up to 12 heads for additional prices.
The upgrade has to be completed in our workshop.

Yes. To fill in a 1,000ml bottle, the machine can be programmed to fill 500ml twice.
This can be done easily from the machine’s touchscreen control panel.

Any Omnipack fully-automated filling machine can be used for filling larger capacity bottles.

They range between 115 litres up to 200 litres.
Please visit the machine’s specifications page for more information on this.

Yes. Please ensure you mention about this before ordering so the machine can be setup for this purpose.
This setup is free of charge.

Yes, each machine comes with a 2m long conveyor.
A longer conveyor can be supplied for an additional price.

Depending on products you use with the machine, you need to flush the machine with warm water or any suitable cleaning liquid.
It usually takes approximately 10 minutes to clean the machine.

Yes, each machine comes with a full 2-year warranty and FREE ongoing support from us.
These machines are easy to setup and operate, and are fully supported by our own technicians for the life of the machines.
They are contactable anytime between 7:00am to 7:00pm, 7 day a week, excluding Christmas Day and New Year’s Day (Please allow slower responses on weekends and public holidays).
We also supply any part for any Omnipack machine after the warranty period for the life of the machine.

In the rare event of a break down, you have 2 options: To fix the machine by yourself (With the help from a qualified electrician there), or to request us to send someone there to your premises anywhere in Australia to help identify the faulty part and to replace any part, at your cost, if required.
Once we have identified a part that requires a replacement, we will send you a brand new replacement part with instructions how to replace the faulty part.
We stock a lot of replacement parts for any of these machines. If we run out of any part, we are able to get a brand new part from our parts suppliers in Australia quickly.
Most faults with the machine can be resolved just by replacing parts, and most parts in these machines are easy to replace. You may be able to replace parts by yourself by following our instructions.
Help is always available from us at anytime. These machines are supported by our own technicians.

We maintain low profit margin, low overheads, and low operating costs while offering high-quality machines at realistic and affordable prices.
Unlike other companies, we do not have a high markup in prices. We would rather sell these high-quality machines for the lowest possible prices to start with to help people start or/and accelerate their businesses with minimum budgets to gain competitive advantages.