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Five Benefits of Using a Liquid/Gel/Paste Filling Machine


Investing in filling machinery can provide several benefits to any company that needs to package liquids on a regular basis. But before we get into the precise nature of those benefits, it’s useful to explain what filling machines are and how they work.

What are Filling Machines?

Filling machines are essential pieces of equipment used in both food and liquid processing and packaging. They measure a specific volume of liquid, before feeding that product into cartons, cans, jars, bottles and other types of packaging.

How do Filling Machines Work?

They vary in size and scale, but most liquid/paste filling machines operate with product fed into a hopper which is then pumped hydraulically or supplied by an auger screw. The product is passed through a nozzle or filler head, with portions measured by volume or weight, into containers and packaging of various types.

Most commercial-grade filling machines are either semi-automatic or automatic. Semi-automatic filling machines are usually operated by pumps driven by compressed air. The filling process can be set to repeat, and the machinery will offer higher speed and accuracy than manual filling machines. They are operated through the use of hand levers or foot pumps.

Automatic liquid filling machines feature central controls, multiple nozzles and inline equipment which manages the filling process from material handling, loading, filling and packaging. A conveyor belt usually accompanies automatic filling machines.

Benefits of Liquid/Paste Filling Machines

  1. Higher Production Speeds
    First and foremost, semi-automatic and automatic filling machines produce far more products than could be produced by hand filling products. Filling machines can fill many bottles or jars in each cycle. Larger devices that have upwards of six inline filling heads can fill as many as 100 bottles per minute.
  2. Increased Consistency
    Hand filling leaves the door open for the inevitable human error when it comes to filling the correct volume of liquid in each container. While measuring devices can limit these variances somewhat, they add a great deal of time to the process. By contrast, automatic filling machines install repeatable, reliable and consistent fills with each and every cycle.
  3. Filling Machines Are Versatile
    Many filling machines are capable of filling multiple different containers with differing volumes. This feature allows larger manufacturers and packaging companies to use one machine to fill various distinct products if required. Automatic liquid filling machines can be programmed to remember the measures and doses of each product, meaning switching over production only takes a few taps on the central touchscreen controls.
  4. They Can Handle Different Types of Liquids/Pastes
    Some are also able to handle different viscosity of liquids, for example, both thick and thin pastes/liquids depending on the product in question. Air pressures and hopper feeds are adjusted to make sure that the liquid or gel comes out at the right speed. These features make liquid filling machines one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in the entire packing industry.
  5. Filling Machines Can Be Upgraded in Line with Your Company’s Growth
    Finally, filling machines can be scaled in line with your growing operations. For instance, an automatic machine may start with four, six or eight fill heads. But as production and demand increase, more fill heads can be added. Better yet, some can be upgraded to handle additional operations beyond filling, such as bottle sorting and can sealing.


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