Omnipack 1000 (100-1000ml) Fully Automated Bottle Jar Liquid Gel Paste Filling Machine (For Corrosive Products, Bottling Machine)

Easy-To-Operate 4-Head Liquid/Gel/Paste Piston Filling Machine (Liquid/Gel/Paste Filler)

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Product Description

A High-Quality Professional Automatic 4-Head Liquid/Gel/Paste Piston Filling Machine that is suitable for releasing corrosive liquid, gel, or paste using air pressures at pre-set filling volumes at the same time continuously. A 2m long conveyor is included (A longer conveyor is also available).

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This machine can be custom made to suit your application.

We also have a fully-automated bottle/jar sorting machine, a fully-automated bottle/jar capping machine, a fully-automated labelling machine to suit this filling machine at realistic and affordable prices.