Omnipack 1000 Fully Automated Bottle Jar Capping Machine (Bottling Machine)

1-Head Bottle/Jar Capping Machine (Bottle/Jar Capper).

The sale price is applicable only when this machine is purchased together with any Omnipack fully-automated liquid/paste/gel/cream filling machine and any Omnipack fully-automated labelling machine in 1 transaction.

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Product Description

High-Quality Professional Fully-Automated Bottle/Jar Capping Machine that is custom-made by us to suit your round caps or spray head caps.
A 2m long conveyor is included (A longer conveyor is also available).



The machine is custom made to suit your bottles or jars.

We also have various sizes of fully-automated bottle/jar filling machines to suit this capping machine.
No filling machine is not included in this sale.