Omnipack Proscale 50 (5-50gr) Fruit Nuts Granular Powder Seed Bottle Jar Weighing & Filling Machine

Easy-To-Operate Electronic Weighing and Filling System
(or Weight and Fill Machine/System or Filler)

Including 2m Conveyor and Feeder

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Product Description

A Complete and High-Quality Professional Electronic Weighing and Filling System that is suitable for weighing and filling free-flowing products into jars/bottles quickly, accurately, and professionally.

Don’t pay over $50,000 for a similar (or lower quality) system elsewhere!

We also do custom-made systems to suit most applications at realistic and affordable prices.


Need a matching fully-automated capping machine and/or a labeling machine with this system?

Would like to see this machine in action?

Please contact us. We have a video available.