Omnipack A 4800 DDC Vacuum Sealing Machine | Double 460×450×200mm, 4x 430mm Sealers, 2x Pumps, 2x FREE Gas Flush Kits Installed

Double-Chamber Vacuum Sealing Machine (Cryovac or Food/Non-Food Vacuum Packing/Packaging System) With 2 FREE $750 Gas Flush Kit (Installed, $1,500 Value)

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Product Description

High-Quality Professional Vacuum Sealing Machine that is suitable for vacuum-sealing various products, such as meat, condiments, medicine, and many more to keep their freshness for a long time.

Why Purchase this Omnipack Vacuum Sealing Machine?

  • Commercial-grade and high-quality vacuum sealing machine at an affordable price.
  • Manufactured to quality standards not to a price.
  • Expected to last at least 20 years* if it is looked after properly.
  • Comes with a full 2 year warranty from us.
  • Comes with FREE ongoing support from us. This make this machine cheap to run in the long run.
  • Money back guarantee** if you are not completely satisfied.
  • You get more than what you pay for.

* Excludes consumables
** Refer to Returns policy

Heavy-Duty Commercial-Grade Machine
Computer Adjustable Vacuum Timer and Seal Temperature Control
2 Chambers for Double Productivity Independently
4 Sealing Bars (2 Sealing Bars in Each Chamber) for Double Productivity
Wide Seal Bar makes it suitable for Almost Any Types of Bags
Two $750 Gas Flush Kits ($1,500 Value) Included and Installed Without Any Extra Charge!
Complete System with built-in Powerful Pumps
Stainless-Steel Body
Patented Design & Technology
What is Gas Flush?
After the vacuum process is complete, the bag is ready to be sealed. Prior to sealing, you can inject a gas in to the bag, called gas flushing. The purposes of gas flushing are as follows:
  • To increase the product's shelf life,
  • To give extra protection,
  • To prevent the product from colouring,
  • To prevent oxidation, mold growth, spoilage, insect repellent, and bacteria growth.
The vacuum part of the sealer removes all oxygen from the package and the gas flush part replaces the oxygen with a gas solution (Usually a mixture of nitrogen and carbon dioxide). This process changes the atmosphere and pH your product. Reducing oxygen levels from packaged food products limits the growth of bacteria and fungi, thus extending the expected life of the product. Replacing oxygen with the appropriate gas may further extend shelf life.

The Gas Flush Kit can easily be turned OFF, if you use the machine for normal sealing. There is no any disadvantage of having a gas flush kit installed even if you do not use one.